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Construction NVQ


NVQ’S: for the Experienced Worker in Construction - Get Your CSCS SKILLCARD


Getting qualified with OSAT and EWPA - The route to your CSCS Skill Card


On-site Assessment and Training (OSAT) is the most widely available route, offered in most trades/occupations and by training providers throughout the UK. It involves an assessor working with the experienced worker to build up a portfolio of evidence to prove their skills.


This route generally takes three to four visits to site over a period of approximately three to six months.


The Experienced Worker Practical Assessment (EWPA) is a faster route available for a smaller number of trades/occupations and open to workers with extensive experience, who do not need any further training. The worker must undergo an assessment of their practical skills, followed by a professional discussion with an assessor.


The assessment itself involves spending approximately a day at an off-site NVQ assessment centre, where the day will be spent on a mock exercise that provides the evidence that the worker is experienced and should be certificated and qualified.


Trades we do for free for NVQ Level 2 funded by Government?


Painter & Decorator


Carpenter – (1st & 2nd Fix)








Dry Linear


Wall & Floor Tillers


Floor Layers


Window Fixers


Do call us on 0844 682 0844 or email us your details on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to discuss further & take advantage of free funding.






Where Does The Construction NVQ Assessment Take Place?


All of the assessment for your OSAT (On Site Assessment and Training) Construction NVQ will take place on site. One of our team of fully qualified assessors will come out and assess you while you work on site. This is a huge advantage over other routes to getting a Construction NVQ as you can get qualified while you earn, you do not have the take any time off work so you will not miss out on any pay.


How Long Does It Take To Get A Construction NVQ?


The amount of time it take to get a Construction NVQ depends largely on the NVQ you take. The assessment for a Level 2 Construction NVQ is usually completed in less than a day, for Levels 3 and above assessment takes longer as there are more units to be covered. In total a Level 2 Construction NVQ is normally completed in less than a week and Level 3 and above takes between 1 and 3 weeks.


What Are The Requirements Before I Can Take A Construction NVQ?


The only requirement if you wish to take a Level 3 Construction NVQ is that you have already sat and passed a Level 2 Construction NVQ. Before you take a Construction NVQ we strongly recommend that you have the skills necessary to pass all of the units you will be taking in your Construction NVQ.




What Will I Have To Do To Get A Construction NVQ?


In order to pass you will have to demonstrate the required level of skill and competency in the mandatory units and the optional units you chose if available in your chosen Construction NVQ. This involves building a portfolio of evidence showing your skills while you are working.


How Much Does It Cost To Get A Construction NVQ?


To view our price table with prices for all Construction NVQs fill out the form at the top of the page. Construction Support Line offer an exceptional instalments program, the first payment of which is a deposit of just £99.


What If I Fail Units In My Construction NVQ?


If you do not achieve the required number of credits to pass one or more units in your Construction NVQ you can simply take extra units to make up the full number required to pass.


Will I Qualify For A CSCS Card After Taking A Construction NVQ?


When you book a Construction NVQ with Construction Support Line you will receive a free Health and Safety test. Once you have completed your Construction NVQ and passed your Health and Safety test you will be fully qualified for a CSCS Card.


Level 2 Construction NVQ


After taking the Level 2 Construction NVQ you will be qualified to apply for a Blue CSCS Card. To get a Blue CSCS Card click here to Apply for a Blue CSCS Card.




Level 3 Construction NVQ


After taking the Level 3 Construction NVQ you will be qualified to apply for a Gold CSCS Card. To get a Gold CSCS Card click here to Apply for a Gold CSCS Card.


Level 4 Construction NVQ


After taking the Level 4 Construction NVQ you will be qualified to apply for a Black CSCS Card. To get a Black CSCS Card click here to Apply for a Black CSCS Card.



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